Charlie Phillips, 81, Kooskia
Oct 15, 2020

On Oct. 6, 2020, Charlie Phillips passed away at age 81. Charlie was born on Jan. 14, 1939, in Petaluma, Calif. Growing up in a family construction business, Charlie learned the value of hard work and self-discipline at a young age. He later went on to work for himself in various successful endeavors from construction, trucking, and a business of computer-aided site prep he termed Planalysis.

Charlie’s interests were as varied as his lifestyle. He loved anything to do with race cars. He drove them and worked in the pits.

Often Charlie could be heard singing, another passion of his. In his younger days, he sang in a barbershop quartet.

Most of all, Charlie was a believer in individual liberty and self-responsibility. Which caused him to leave big government California for the hinterlands of Kooskia, Idaho in 1998. He fell in love with the freedom and independent people in this area, and never looked back. Charlie often said in his humorous way, “If I tell you we did it this way in California, it’s not that I think we should do it this way here. It’s so we don’t do it here like we did in California.”

Charlie’s home was a gathering place for his multitude of freedom-loving friends. Many “round table” discussions were held at his kitchen table. Politics, the Bible, and natural health were often the topics. After a couple of pots of coffee, the problems of the world were solved from a freedom-loving rural Idaho point of view. All in good nature.

Charlie is survived by his brother Jerry, sister in law Diane, and their son David of Petaluma, California. And his many friends in the Kooskia area. At Charlie’s request, there will be no service. But perhaps, another round table discussion. This time the subject, Charlie, and what he meant to all his friends. Charlie will be missed.

Trenary Funeral Home of Kooskia is assisting the family.

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