In Memory Of Charlie Phillips

"January 14th 1939 - October 6th 2020 - Rest in Peace Charlie"

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My New Lady Friend

I have to admit that after living alone for over sixteen years, having a female in the house has changed a few things.

It used to be if I wanted to go do something I just went, now I have to consider her and whether or not she would want to go. There are times when it’s a guessing game. Hate that when they don’t give you an answer and then pout because you didn’t take them.

Then there is the matter of food, she seems to enjoy my cooking most of the time. Yea, I still do the cooking. Friends have told me I was a good cook, to which I reply, I can cook but I’m not a good cook, because a good cook enjoys cooking. Anyway there are some foods she just can’t tolerate, which being a health nut and very conscious of the food I eat, I can understand. After all the one considered the father of medicine, Hypocrites, said let your food be your medicine.

The one thing I am grateful for and one of the reasons I stuck it out when the going got a little rough, was because she doesn’t try to dominate every conversation. Matter of fact, sometimes I think maybe shes mad at me, she can be very quiet. Then again like most women she can give you that look and us males know for a fact that there is something wrong. Of course if you ask, it’s nothing which is worse than if you had just kept your mouth shut to begin with. There I was sitting there wondering if I had enough wood on the porch for the stove or if it was time to change the oil in the pickup, and now I’m getting that look. Sometimes I guy just can’t win.

Although she doesn’t comment on it much I think she likes a warm house. To be honest I’d rather have my home warm enough to go naked, than to have to wear a damn sweater. She doesn’t seem to mind the heat and often sits near the stove.

As a voracious reader, I appreciate that she otherwise occupies herself, just demanding a little attention now and then. I like that and sometimes I need to be reminded to take a brake. I guess that demanding is a little strong term, she actually lets me know in a very subtle ways.

Of course there is the bed thing. Don’t know how women can always do it. I’m bigger than she is, so why on a queen size bed, am I sleeping on the outer foot and half and wondering where the hell all the blankets went.

Overall I think it’s been a good thing, of course being a male I think I’m the one making most of the concessions. I’m sure that she would disagree with me on that but it really hasn’t been that big of a deal. When there are problems, I really do try to look at it from her point of view also.

Oh, by the way, did I mention, that my lady friend, is a very small dog?