For The Money

by Charlie Phillips

I started thinking on this the other day when I stumbled across the term “financial gain” and realized that it brought up a negative connotation. I realized I was saying to myself financial gain is materialistic.

Isn’t it interesting that we tend to view anybody that has made it financially as materialistic or some other such description? The phrase.” he or she is only in it for the money” becomes down right ludicrous because the same people that make that comment will go off (to a job they hate) from 9 to 5. I am not sure why they do it; it can’t be “for the money.” It all boils down to the fact that we are really jealous of the individual who has, in our minds at least “made it”. We are all, to get right down to it, “in it for the money”; some just do it better than others.

Quite often we get caught up in the belief that if we acquire more money than what it takes to keep the wolf from our door, it must be wrong. I’ll admit I got trapped into that same line of thinking myself but really, what is wrong with having abundance? Having an abundance of money isn’t wrong in and of itself; it’s what we do with that abundance. For example I was thinking of a few things I would like to have and realized that in the process of acquiring those things I could be helping several people. The projects I have in mind would involve building a few things and to do that I would have to hire someone to help me, or maybe even several ‘someone’s’. This would give them a little money and I would get the projects completed that I wanted and was not able to do by myself.

Instead of looking at it as how much it is going to cost, I now look at it, as how will it help all concerned. Now when I see someone who appears to have it made I think ‘good for him or her’ and I remind myself that I deserve it (not just because I’m able to sit up and take sustenance) but because it is possible for me to attain it also; not the “what” they have, but the abundance.

Believing that we deserve it is probably the biggest hurdle. We’ve been told all our life hard work will take care of our needs. Why don’t we aim a little higher? As the saying goes “why wish for a loaf of bread when you can wish for the grocery store.” I don’t know why, but we seem to sabotage ourselves when it comes to money. I have talked to several people who say if we focus on money that’s being materialistic. If you wanted money just for the sake of having money, then yes that would be true. Money in and of itself is just a printed piece of paper. It really has no value. You could have a vault full and if there wasn’t any food available you would still starve.

Could it be that we have been conditioned to accept the fact that to want more is just greedy. Maybe that conditioning has been programmed into us for the benefit of the few that want to rule us (and want all the money). Think about it for a minute if you had abundance, what would a politician have to appeal to? Right now they promise to pass this or that law which will save us all and put a “chicken in every pot.” Funny they have been passing three to five thousand laws a year for who knows how long and they still say we need this or that new law. Reminds me of a quote by Plato “Good people do not need laws to tell them how to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” Actually the politicians are just doing what they are told to do by the powers that are behind the scene. It really is all about control.

The more of us that acquire abundance the less control they would have. Now wouldn’t that be a good thing? We would no longer be in fear of not having enough to make the house payment or enough for our old age. There are a lot of those ‘what if’ problems out there but with abundance you could put them aside. As long as you worry about all the ‘what ifs’ you are under someone else’s control.

Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to have abundance so that you didn’t have to worry about whether you could afford to give your child piano lessons? As a small example; maybe that same child has extraordinary talent and with special lessons could develop that talent, but those lessons are just a tad too expensive for you. Now wouldn’t abundance be a good thing right about then?

I believe we should focus on what we could do with the abundance, not on financial gain as such. As I said before, money is not what we should focus on but what could we do with that money for others. In this world money is a part of life and without it you have a hard time functioning. So the question becomes why don’t we go for it? I think it’s time to accept the abundance that is there for us.



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