Healthy Belief

by Charlie Phillips

One of my passions is reading. Lately, I’ve been reading a series of books on health, spirituality, energy, emotions and science. Or maybe I should say the scientific proof of emotions, spirituality and energy affecting health. As I was reading I began to notice one thing – a lot of them were saying the same thing but presenting it in a little different way.

I have written a few essays in the past but just haven’t been able to put anything down on paper lately. (OK, on the computer) As I was digesting this it occurred to me that my writer’s block (or as someone said, it wasn’t writer’s block just “mental constipation”) was because I was thinking that someone else was able to say it better; or maybe a more honest reflection was, who was I that anyone should want to listen to me? Then it came to me; everybody says things a little differently and sometimes a presentation with a different slant may make it a little more clear.

Of the books I have been reading lately some talk about how our emotions control our health. Over 90% of all our physical problems (as many of these books say) are caused by our own emotions. Then the author(s) go into different ways of clearing these emotions. The next book talks about how to use energy to heal your health problems. As I was reading about this my thought was why not put them all together? Maybe there is a blend there we can use because, as Gregg Braden says in his book “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief”, there is no reason the human body shouldn’t last a couple hundred years. Now that’s a goal I can work toward, and stay healthy the whole time.

Maybe you’re thinking right now that last statement was ridiculous; but stop and consider – whydo you think that? My belief is the main reason we believe this way is we have been told since we were born, and maybe even before, that someone in his/her nineties was old let alone someone making it past one hundred. That is one of those buried emotions that can affect our health, or in this case our life. It seems to me we constantly are being told and programmed that as we get older our eyesight will get weaker, our memory will get worse or a dozen other such beliefs. I have come to the conclusion that the reason those things happen is because we have been told it so often we unconsciously program ourselves to fulfill that prophesy.

Can we change that programming? I believe we can. When I get some of those emails that tell about how many “aids” we get as we get older – you know, hearing aids, etc., I just look at them and say, well, that doesn’t apply to me. Of course, I’m only in my early seventies so I don’t qualify for that “old” moniker yet. That doesn’t mean we can just sit back and say, “Okay, now I’ll live to be 140.” You also have to be willing to make a little effort: exercise, eat healthy, shut off the boob-tube, read a book that challenges your mind. Let’s be realistic here. We are not just one dimensional. As the saying goes: you are what you eat. So, if you eat a lot of fast food, then you’ll probably go out fast.

The few sacrifices (actually I just prefer to call them lifestyle changes) that we make to improve our quality of life, far outweigh suffering with non-functioning body parts. I believe we can all be healers through helping others heal themselves and, by doing so, heal ourselves in the process. I have heard there was a fellow about two thousand years ago who seemed to be able to help people cure their illnesses. If I remember right he also said all of these things I have done you can do and more…don’t remember reading about him giving them pills or cutting them open. I really believe we can all do the same. I think it’s a thing called love of yourself and your fellow man.

Everybody needs to make the choice of what’s right for them. As for me, I’m choosing to be healthy and alert and am working toward that two hundred mark. I think it’s really an inexpensive health insurance; care to join me? It’s your choice; I’m working to be a healer, by that I mean using the things I’m learning about – emotions and energy – to help myself and others heal themselves. But I can’t help anyone heal if they don’t want to be healed. It has a lot to do with connecting with your higher source, the emotions and a little thing called faith and a lot of love.



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