In Fear

by Charlie Phillips

I received some interesting e-mails not too long ago. One was one of those that gave all kinds of dire predictions about what would happen if the Muslims were not kept in check. Then there were others that said the Jews controlled all the money and were calling all the shots, and more of the same, on and on and on. Any number of things that are the reason we have to do this or that to “save the world”.

I admit that in the past I really got wrapped up in politics, but I finally came to the conclusion that for me it was a lost cause. The more I see of these e-mails the more I begin to realize that the main purpose of them is to keep us in constant fear. If we can be kept in fear (fearful) of ‘whatever’, we won’t question too strongly why we are invading this country or passing this bill that, while purporting to secure our safety, really takes our rights away. It seems to me that most of the laws that have been passed since 911 do more to take away the rights of the individual American than any supposed terrorist. This again, I believe, is because we are being “fed” fear.

Throughout history you will see that those who have been conditioned by fear do not reason well. They have fought to overcome this religion, that boogeyman or whatever the powers that be wanted someone else to die for. It was and always has been told to us that, if we don’t do this or that, then this terrible thing is going to happen.

Let’s go back and read the Bible. It says, “Thou shall not commit murder”. No, it doesn’t say, “thou shall not kill”; the word, when translated into our modern English is “murder”. It also says if someone breaks into your house at night you have the right to kill him or her. Notice it says if they break into your house; you are not to go into their house and kill them because they broke into your home. Now if we were to apply that same principle to our nation instead of just our home, that would sort of rule out invading another country, wouldn’t it? And isn’t it strange how many “Christians” believe that it is okay to invade, bomb and kill people in their own country, in their own homes?

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not some Bible thumper, but I have read it a few times in the last couple of years and I find that most who claim to believe that the Bible is the only word have a tendency to only want to pick and chose the verses that fit them and their present situation. It’s really quite amusing to watch them; if you quote a verse from the Old Testament they will say the New Testament negates it. Then they will turn right around and quote a verse from the Old Testament to back up their position. I do not try to argue with them – that is their belief and who am I to tell them any different. I certainly don’t have any divine insight to all of this.

About two thousand years ago a fellow named Jesus said we should love our enemy. Now I’ll be the first to admit that is no easy task. As a matter of fact it is down right difficult. Try it right now; think of someone who bothers you, I mean really bothers you. Someone you don’t like – maybe someone you actively dislike. Can you love him/her? Now imagine how much harder it would be if they were a real enemy!

Now lets apply that to the situation today. We are being told that we should invade Iran because…??? Could it possibly be because those in power want you to be fearful of others you don’t understand culturally, emotionally and ideologically? Someone could sure make a lot of money on war, now couldn’t they? Stop and think for a moment, have you ever been harmed by anyone from another country? Even if you were offended or maybe even physically harmed, is it worth your life or the life of your son or daughter?

If you really research history, you will find that most wars cannot be justified. You will find that the reasons we are given to justify going to war are usually made up ones. As the saying goes follow the money and you’ll find the real reason for a war – any war.

I believe it’s time to quit living in fear. Lets do as Jesus said and live in love. I know this is a hard concept to swallow, but where has fear gotten us for the last two thousand years? Living in love doesn’t mean we can’t protect ourselves. Remember if he or she invades – well lets quit being the invaders. We build a fence not out of fear of our neighbors but to define who and what we are. Why should it be any different for a country?

Have you ever walked down the street and someone you didn’t know smiled and said “Hi! Nice day isn’t it?” Admit it, that changed your mood, didn’t it? Now just think if we all did that. The mood of the whole world would change and then we would be on the path to living in Love. To me that sounds a heck of a lot better than living in fear. Fear is just negativity, love is positive. Ever been around a real negative person? It doesn’t take long and you want to find a reason to get away from that person.

If your living in fear, your living in negativity, and the only reason some will associate with you is they are in fear also. We’re all in so much fear we don’t even know who we are anymore. I think it’s about time to step out of the fear and into love. If something happens that starts to take you off course, stop, take a deep breath, maybe two or three, and ask yourself if the thoughts you are having will take you to love – or fear. Lets start choosing love. We will be better for it and so will the world.

Does choosing love sound like a difficult task? The next time something really starts to get you upset consider – is this causing fear? If it’s causing fear then decide right then and there that you are not going to live in fear. Worrying about it won’t solve it. That will be your first step in living without fear and stepping out into the world with love. I think it might be a little like; do you want the red or the blue pill? Which one will you take?



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