All 28 MCU Marvel Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

All 29 MCU Marvel Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

Phase 4 is going strong and MCU films are coming out at what seems like a faster pace than ever. After 29 films spanning over 14 years, however, the long-asked question “which Marvel movie is the best?” is more prevalent than ever. Well, from 2008 to 2022, here are all 29 of the MCU Marvel … Read more

Hordes of suit-wearing gentlemen are seeing the new Minions film

In a bizarre event, hordes of people wearing suits are going out to see the new Minions: The Rise of Gru film. The trend has quickly spread across social media, mainly on TikTok and Twitter. Videos show groups of well-dressed gentlemen descending upon theaters to see the new Minions movie. They’re coming dressed in dapper … Read more

The Muppets creator is working on a My Neighbour Totoro stage production

Jim Henson’s Creature Shop has been tasked with creating puppets for an upcoming My Neighbour Totoro stage production. The Studio Ghibli classic is getting its own stage version, and the creators behind the Muppets is on hand to help. They’ll be creating puppets in the form of the famous anime’s characters. They’re being designed by … Read more