Is It Just Another Four-Letter Word?

by Charlie Phillips

I was watching an inspirational short movie the other day and it got me to thinking. This video was telling about what people would do different with their lives if they had it to do over again. It really boiled down to one thing. Love more!

Isn’t it strange! We had a fellow about two thousand years ago that said we should even love our enemy! It appears to me when I listen to the news or even my fellowman, that lesson has been vigorously ignored. I hear more hate – or is it fear – than I do love. Could it be that if we stopped to love instead of fear that we might have to make a conscious effort to look at the other person’s side of an issue?

If we were to love our fellowman instead of always trying to judge them, I think this world would be a better place. If we loved them then we could accept what we perceive to be their faults. Isn’t there a quote from that oft-quoted book that says, “judge not least you be judged”? I think that if we were to love and accept one another instead of judging them we might also get rid of some of that fear/hate.

Now, I know it’s always the other guy that we have to watch out for; we do everything right, but we have to be careful of that other guy. We always want to put the blame on someone else. I guess what I’m trying to say is we have to love ourselves first. That can be a hard concept as the first thing you might think of is that other guy that’s always bragging on himself. Deep down you know that’s not what is meant, but you use that as an excuse so you don’t have to examine yourself too closely.

To me, when I think of that term, it’s being able to accept myself: my faults and my strengths as that makes the whole me. It might be a little like a mother’s love; she knows your faults and will attempt to help you overcome them, but her love for you is still there, regardless. Let’s accept our strengths and weaknesses, work on areas we know need improvement, but don’t beat ourselves up over some error. The person who never makes a mistake has never done anything.

Let’s look at another aspect. Quantum Physics says that everything is energy. That means our very core is energy. Now, my understanding of energy is that it is not something that just lies there. It vibrates, so if we can’t love ourselves then our energy is negative and the energy or vibration we will be putting out to the world is negative. Is it any wonder this world is so screwed up? Everybody hating everybody or not being able to love him or herself is just putting out tons of negative energy.

Now, I know I can’t change the world, but I can change myself! The first step is to learn how to love myself. Once I get that down then I can start loving others around me. Now, that will start to change the frequency of the energy. With practice we can then start to change our own environment and from there the sky is the limit. Next thing you know we’ll have a world at peace. That will be the start of what Jesus said when he said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Remember, he also said, “all these things I do, you can do and more.” We can have it right here! Right now!



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