Just A Touch

by Charlie Phillips


It was just a light hand on the shoulder as the waitress stopped to see if we
needed anything. Nothing but a simple reaction or maybe just to place herself at
our table, but the feeling lives on. This is not to say I have any fantasy that
there was any conscious meaning to it on her part. As I reflect on it I can
think back in time when similar occurrences have happened. The touch leaves an
imprint that lasts often beyond the person conveying that touch.

Could it be because I was brought up where touching and hugging wasn’t part of
our culture? I personally would never consciously touch someone I did not know.
Maybe I don’t initiate that touch because I don’t want to invade their space, or
am concerned about a negative reaction to that touch.

Does the physical contact with another person actually help us stay grounded?
Maybe connected to the spirit within us. Then again maybe it’s the people
involved, perhaps they are connected in ways that they do not know. Perhaps this
contact, although not a conscious thought given, is another way for our spirits
to acknowledge each other. This could explain why that touch, contact is
remembered even if the person is unknown to us.

I don’t claim to have the answers, actually I do have all the answers, but they
just don’t fit with the right questions. I have found the more I study our own
beliefs and history the more I know that I don’t know. The more honest our
search the more we find that what we have been told is at best a
misrepresentation of facts. Perhaps the touch is the spirit within trying to get
us in tune with ourselves. I have come to believe most of us don’t want to find
out who we are. The fear is that reality may be something we don’t know how to

Until we find to true spirit within we will beset with wars, economic woes,
hunger and all the other miseries that humans have put on themselves. When we
all search for the truth within, without the prejudices of religion and
nationality only then the entire before mentioned can end. When you read
something that goes against everything you have been taught or believe, do you
disregard it or can you read it and decipher if it has merit? As Aristotle said
“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without
accepting it.” I believe it is also an educated mind that can accept that their
preconceived ideas are wrong.

Ah but that touch, do you remember it?


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