The Spirit Within

by Charlie Phillips

Have you ever had that thought or little wish that if only this would happen.
Now we are not talking about a new car or house, those are just material things.
I’m talking about that wish for a change in life, or maybe if he/she would only
do or say this. Those things we don’t dwell on too long, maybe because if they
were to come true we would be lost. I say lost because for many of us although
we don’t admit it it’s easier to have a problem. After all if we didn’t have
something to complain about it would mean that either everything is OK or we
would have to take responsibility for our situation.

Now to carry that thought a little further, suppose that, that wish is really
your spirit telling you that it is possible. Stop and think about it. Sometime
in you past you have said that sure would be great to do whatever, fill in the
blank, and then awhile latter you realize you are doing it. Most of us just
accept that it is happing but forget that long ago wish. Now it really hasn’t
been that long when you put it in that time dimension, but on reflection was it
a wish or was your spirit telling you it was possible.

I believe it is our spirit talking to us, but unless we open ourselves up and
start getting rid of the entire negativity in our lives, we are never going to
be completely whole. I was going to say satisfied but satisfied is just another
way of say you have reached the end. Being whole on the other hand just opens us
up to more learning, awaking and to more love. Whoops did he just say the love
word? Now lets follow up on that for a minute, until we can give love, we are
going to have a hard time receiving it. Love has many facets it can be romance,
it can be a love of nature, it can be a love of life. I believe that unless you
are living in the dark side, that our spirit is telling us to go to love. When
we do that the possibilities are endless.

The next time you have that little thought, or wish, you might just consider
that maybe it’s your spirit telling you open up your heart, because it is
possible. Be willing to give, the rewards are boundless.


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