Quote of the Month by Nagarjuna.

"Although you may spend your life killing, You will not exhaust all your foes. But if you quell your own anger, your real enemy will be slain."

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1Cat On Boat Plays With Dolphins22 Jan 201211279
2A Place in the Choir 3 Jan 201230650
3Chinese Balancing Act26 Dec 201114498
4Children Go Where I Send Thee 8 Dec 201111762
5Emmanuel Kelly The X Factor 2011 Auditions24 Nov 201115699
6James Cagney and Bob Hope Dance Routine 6 Nov 201113751
7Chinese Girl With No Fingers On One Hand Plays Piano24 Oct 201113733
8Chooka Parker - Australia's Got Talent 9 Oct 201117541
9Mozart Group - Live In Taiwan18 Sep 201113062