Quote of the week by Albert Camus

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is and act of rebellion. "

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1Die Maiers Comedy Trapeze 21 Jan 20148265
2 2012 Junior II Champs16 Dec 20129479
3Tenor Singing Voices 1 Aug 201012768
4Jessica Cox Becomes First Pilot With No Arms19 Feb 200915765
5The Amazing Stephen Wiltshire19 Feb 200917028
6Boyanka Angelova ball final EC Torino 200815 Feb 200914804
7The Wild Women of Whippoorwill15 Jan 200913812
8Because I Am The Mom Song15 Jan 200917826
9Johnny Carson - Bob Hope - Dean Martin - George Gobel15 Jan 200921291
10Conan O'Brien Pilobolus15 Jan 200914062
11River Dance15 Jan 200916510
125 year old genius pianist Yoo Ye Eun15 Jan 200916685
13Nick Vujicic14 Jan 2009733302
1421 Accents13 Jan 200917579