Quote of the week by Albert Camus

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is and act of rebellion. "

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1The First Helpdesk Call13 Dec 20137490
2Crow Intelligence 1 Feb 200911350
3Elephant Sanctuary15 Jan 200910936
4Elephant Soccer15 Jan 200911476
5A Pigs Story15 Jan 200913013
6Real Life Bambi and Thumper15 Jan 200911427
7Dolphins Play Bubble Rings15 Jan 200912112
8Twin Baby Moose Playing in Sprinkler15 Jan 200915385
9Elephant Paints Self Portrait15 Jan 200911558
10Stacy Westfall's Championship Run15 Jan 200914821
11Skidboot the Dog15 Jan 200927848
12The Flying Frenchman13 Jan 200930913
13Crow and Cat13 Jan 200914458
14Trick Dog13 Jan 200917111