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Quote of the week by Confucius

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. "

#Article TitleDateHits
1Jimmy Stewart Reads Poem About His Dog Beau 31 Mar 20137945
2Bride Can't Stop Laughing During Vows 4 Oct 200916628
3The Red Sparrows29 Sep 200914316
4Rachel and Chariot - Romancing the Road14 Sep 200913184
5Shag-Ra the Miracle Horse 1 Sep 200913668
6L'ours (1988)19 Aug 200913075
7Kevin Richardson - The Lion Whisperer 6 Aug 200915121
8Dramatic Acrobat 6 Aug 200913808
9The Sling Shot Man25 Jul 200914519
10Tell Me Why by Declan Galbraith 8 Jul 200915230
11Big Horn Sheep vs. Toyota 4 Runner22 Jun 200913064