What a Dilemma!

by Charlie Phillips

I was reading an article the other day. It was talking about some event that might happen. Now, I did get caught up in the Y2K ordeal, so I look at these things with a little bit of a jaundiced eye nowadays. Whatever this event that might happen was, I said to myself, if it does happen “Big Mike” will help me get through it if I am supposed to. Now, you might ask who is “Big Mike?” Well, he’s Michael the Archangel, of course.

Then it hit me – what if I was wrong? What if Michael had been misinterpreted? What if it was actually Michelle? Maybe way back when, they changed it because the good old boys couldn’t have a female being the one that would protect you. Was that because they wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be challenged? Then again, maybe it was just an honest mistake in the interpretation of it.

Now I’m wondering, would she be mad at me for thinking she was a he? Probably thinking – ‘I ought to let him just drown, stupid male; always thinking they are the only ones that can save things.’ Really leaves one in a quandary! Do I ask “Big Mike” or “Lovely Michelle” for help? If it’s “Big Mike” and I ask “Lovely Michelle” am I going to offend one or the other? What a dilemma!

As I ponder this I think, where did this idea come from? Maybe “Lovely Michelle” gave me the insight so I would be asking the right one. Am I claiming that God or his angels talk to me? Well, as a matter of fact, yes, I am. By saying this I am not saying I have any greater powers than anyone else. I think they talk to us all the time; the trouble is we seldom listen. We often say everything happens for a reason but don’t recognize that when we make a decision, there may have been an influence from a higher source. When you have one of those experiences where you avoid a disaster by a hair’s breadth do you thank God, “Big Mike”, or “Lovely Michelle” or do you just consider yourself lucky?

I don’t think luck has anything to do with it. I believe it’s one of those wake-up calls. It’s saying, do you think you’re on the right track? If it was while you were driving, were you paying attention or were you off thinking about whether it’s “Big Mike” or “Lovely Michelle”? Whatever it was, after the near miss you concentrate more on what you are doing right now.

Well, enough of that. Let’s get back to the original question – is it “Big Mike” or “Lovely Michelle”? How do we resolve this question? Part of the problem is we have been told that it is a male figure. You know, God has to be a male. Well, maybe not. Doesn’t that book say we were created in their image? Yeah, I know it says in his image, but then where did the female come from? If you say a rib, well what was the template? Let’s face it – man and woman are not the same. (And to that I say, “thank God!”) Maybe that was just another of those translation errors. I think we might have to consider that maybe God is both genders.

I really don’t have the answer to the question; all I know is that we have to look to a higher source for help with our lives. I think I’ll just play it safe and ask both of them for help when I need it. Since for me that is often, maybe if I alternate between them I won’t seem like such a pest. Then again, what if it’s one or the other? Guess I’ll just have to stick to asking both to be on the safe side.

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