What Do You Believe?

by Charlie Phillips

Have you ever stopped to think about life hereafter? We often talk about Heaven or Hell and most religions believe that if you follow certain paths or beliefs you’ll go there one day. Now the question I want to ask is – have you ever had someone come back and tell you that there actually was one or the other? Now before you get too upset with me, I’m not saying there is or isn’t, I’m just asking the question.

What it really amounts to is faith, or is it hope that there is more than just this? When you look at our life span – even someone who lives past 100 – in the overall history of earth it is just the blink of an eye. Is it just hope or is there more to it than that? Is it something that those that want to rule us came up with so that we would obey their rules?

What if it’s completely different than what we have been led to believe? Some say that in the original writings that were left out of the Bible, there is reference to reincarnation. That terminology brings up the stories of those that claim they were some exalted ruler in a past life; I never hear of someone who was a slave. What if you really were here before but the memories of that event don’t come with you? Or maybe they are imprinted in our DNA and that’s why some are child geniuses. Of course, if we’re not one of the geniuses then we don’t want to recognize that aspect.

When you start to explore that possibility then you have to maybe consider the multi-dimensional, or in other words, if you’re not here two or three times at the same time. We live in a three dimensional world, but sometimes we do acknowledge that there is a fourth dimension. Is it possible that there could be other dimensions we don’t understand? Maybe there are only 144,000 of us around. Now that’s real paranoia – but careful – maybe the reason you get along with that person is because it’s you…or maybe that’s why you don’t get along with them, because you can’t stand yourself.

That would take us down a completely different road now, wouldn’t it? Does that possibility exist? I would have to say that I can’t rule it out, because the more I’m around this place we call earth, the more I realize how much I don’t know. I’m certain there is a fourth dimension in time so it’s reasonable to question whether there are additional dimensions. Can we prove that? I don’t know, that’s for someone a little more scientific than myself.

I think it all boils down to one factor and that is the belief or faith that you have. Some believe we are a body with a soul or spirit. Then others say we’re a soul or spirit that is occupying this body for a while. Now, that doesn’t change what the outcome will be — I don’t think anyone can say for certain until we get there. That is, if there is a there.



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