Where is God?

by Charlie Phillips

Maybe it’s just because of my upbringing but the other day I was talking to a friend and I said, “You have to put your faith in the Universe.” He said, “You mean God.” Well, yes, that’s what I was talking about, but for me when someone mentions God for some reason it implies religion and all of its dogma. Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations with God) makes the statement that religion puts God out there, but he says that God is within all of us and is a part of us. God isn’t out there somewhere. However, being raised with strong religious doctrine, I have a hard time getting past those old ingrained teachings. I guess that is why I use the word Universe more often.

The first of the Ten Commandments that the Bible says Moses brought down from the mountain says to …”not have any other gods before Me.” Most look at that and say, “I don’t have any other gods.” I beg to differ. Most people today have put the State as their god. They depend on the State to take care of them. They say we must obey the State, ignoring that same Bible which states that you should obey God’s law over man’s law. If you’re just supposed to follow all the government’s (State’s) laws, why do you suppose the disciples of Jesus ended up in jail? Maybe it was because they forgot to obey one of man’s laws. If a church incorporates does that not say they don’t trust God to take care of them but are relying on the State for protection?

I was one of those that really never thought too much about that commandment because I didn’t have any other God. That is until one day I realized that I had made hot rods and racecars my god. That, I think, is one of the troubles with putting God out there and not having God within. We tend to overlook the fact that there are all kinds of gods we worship because we have put God out there somewhere.

I recall the first time I heard someone say, “I believe that all of us are a part of God and God is a part of us.” I thought long and hard about that. It was a little confusing to me at the time because I had always been taught God was out there somewhere or in Heaven wherever that was. If you actually read the scriptures, Jesus says that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. When I looked at that, I started to realize that it didn’t mean out there in some future dimension, it meant it was available now. That can be achieved by changing how you view life.

If you keep your outlook on life focused on the positive you will have a much happier life than if all you can see is the doom and gloom presented nightly on the news. Here’s a thought: turn that darned TV off. Watch an inspirational movie, read a book, or enjoy conversation with the ones you love. For my part, I see the TV as the modern Roman games; instead of bread, though, they give them a six-pack. Keep the people distracted from what’s really happening or from finding a true inner peace.

One of the problems with finding out what is really going on is that you are then the outsider and that way-out wacko. Some people, when they find out, really let it get to them and end up going around tilting at windmills. Others can acknowledge it and get on with their lives. One way to accomplish that in my opinion, is to focus on the fact that God, the Universe whatever name you want to call it is on your side; you must look to the light side. Too often we let the dark side control our thoughts and emotions, which is what the dark side feeds on – our fear. Just one example: instead of worrying about the price of fuel, how about focusing on the fact that you’ll either have enough money to buy it or there will be some other way to cope without petroleum. Maybe if that happens alternative energy will come forth. I’m not talking about ethanol, which is just another smoke screen to keep you from being focused on real solutions.

Having Heaven right here on earth… now doesn’t that sound a lot better than some far off place sometime after we die? I think that is a goal we should all strive to achieve; it sure sounds better than what we have going on now. Lets bring God down here in us and us a part of God. That, I think, is the first step. I am in God, God is in me, and God and I are one. If you feel more comfortable, change God to Universe, energy, or whatever works for you. I believe they are all one and the same. Quantum Physics tells us we are energy and everything is made up of energy. It’s not in the name; it’s in the understanding that we are all related and have the ability to change our life. It’s what is called free will, which we are all given. Sometimes we just get too overloaded and decide to let others tell us what to do.

You actually know what to do. The only thing holding you back is fear. Part of that fear is the realization that if you take that step you are being responsible for yourself. Or is it you’re afraid that your friends might think you’re one of those “weirdoes.” Are they really your friends if you can’t have your own opinion? Come on! Reach for that other colored pill for a change. But most of all – keep a positive outlook on life and remember that God is in all of us and we are in God. I think that makes us all related. Oh, yeah, one final note: while being one of the weirdoes has it’s ups and downs it can also be very rewarding and fun. Come on! Let’s have some fun in this life. At least smile!!



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